A Brand New Me
Title: Paint It Black
Artist: The Rolling Stones
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Paint It Black || The Rolling Stones

I look inside myself and see my heart is black
I see my red door I must have it painted black
Maybe then I’ll fade away and not have to face the facts
It’s not easy facing up when your whole world is black


"Death is peaceful, easy; life is harder.

      — Bella Swan, Twilight



                                   you said you’d ( always ) be there 
                                                 for me & like a fool, i thought you’d be.

Joan Bauer, Almost Home

Joan Bauer, Almost Home

I wish to lay down but I do not wish to carry the laptop to my room
therefore, I shall switch to mobile now




That’s okay -pets- you just do what you need to do, okay? if you think sleep might help, then you should go do that
Sometimes it does, so? 
Just take care of yourself first sdlkmve

I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep for a while. So I’m just going to lurk more or something. Maybe watch Netflix. Cuddle the dog. If I had ice cream, I’d eat it. 

that sounds like an equally as good plan
I hope it works, even without the ice cream